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Can Going to the Hospital be Hazardous to your Health?

Person sleepingA recent study by a patient-safety research center has identified ten “technology hazards” associated with the use of medical devices. Not surprisingly, that old standby of retained surgical devices, such as clamps and sponges, makes the list. New, however, is the risk of what the study calls “unretrieved fragments”, like a piece of a drain that breaks off and is left undiscovered until after surgery is completed.

Included on the list are surgical fires, fiberoptic light source burns, and anesthesia equipment failures or misuse. Most disturbingly, as it relates to equipment misuse, a Miami Medical Malpractice Attorney says, “No one reads the manual, or even has the manual after day one, and even if they are trained they get busy or move on to something else.”

The bottom line – You may come out of the hospital sicker than when you went in.