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Active Duty Service Member Medical Care


As an active duty service member, you know that you have served our country with honor and that you are deserving of the highest quality medical care while you serve. Unfortunately, too often this has not been the case. But, for the first time, thanks to a new law, active duty service members, and not just their dependents, can receive monetary compensation if they have been misdiagnosed or late-diagnosed, or received inadequate treatment and have been injured due to their military healthcare providers’ errors or negligence.

Our medical malpractice lawyers, including Paul Simonson, a Vietnam-era vet, are passionate about fighting under this new claim system for justice for active-duty members. Claims will essentially be processed by the Department of Defense, and not by the Department of Justice in the Federal Court system.

If you have been injured by malpractice while on active duty, we want to help you, but you must act now as there are strict time limits on bringing a claim. Generally, a claim must be brought within two years of the malpractice, but If you bring a claim in 2020 there is a look-back provision to malpractice that occurred in 2017.

If we investigate your claim and find that it has merit, We will proudly and forcefully represent you and your family in your military medical malpractice claim. We will guide you through the claim process and work tirelessly to see that the Department of Defense recognizes that you deserve fair and just compensation. We want to help you every step of the way to get the monetary compensation that you deserve.

We have been fighting for medical malpractice victims for decades, and 98% of our clients have received compensation for their injuries. Let us fight for you.

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