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Vision Loss Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Eye conditions are intricate by nature due to the complex inner workings of the eye. However, complexities are not an excuse for a medical provider to misdiagnose an eye condition that another doctor or ophthalmologist would have diagnosed in similar circumstances.

When a medical provider’s negligence and misdiagnosis causes the patient to suffer an eye injury or lose their eyesight, it is only right for the patient to pursue legal action through a medical malpractice claim. At Simonson Goodman Platzer PC in New York, we help clients seek justice and compensation after suffering an eye injury or vision loss to a medical provider’s mistakes.

We know that a simple misdiagnosis can have tragic consequences for a patient, and that misdiagnosis should not go unaddressed if it could have been avoided in the first place. With us by your side, we can help you and your family explore your legal options and possibly secure compensation for the pain and hardship caused by a negligent medical practitioner.

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What Are the Types of Eye Condition Diagnosis Failures?

Ophthalmologists have various medical tools at their disposal to get a better understanding of their patients’ eye conditions. Misdiagnosis errors become more likely when these diagnostic tools are not used properly or, sometimes, at all. Serious diagnosis failures can cause eye injuries and consequences as severe as permanent blindness in one or both eyes.

Four types of eye condition diagnosis failures are:

  • Delays: Ophthalmologists and the optometrists they often work with to reach a diagnosis need to be aware of any pressing conditions the patient could have. Taking too long to reach an accurate diagnosis could mean that a chronic condition can worsen to the point of causing permanent harm.
  • Misdiagnosis: An eye condition misdiagnosis occurs when an ophthalmologist reaches a diagnosis, but it is not the correct one. Misreading information from lab results and other specialized tests can lead to a misdiagnosis and incorrect treatments, which can do more harm than good.
  • No diagnosis: In some cases, a medical provider will not reach a diagnosis at all. They might disregard their patient’s symptoms or complaints and conclude that there is no issue serious enough to warrant a diagnosis.
  • No references: Most eye doctors have some sort of specialty area of focus, like being well-versed in the causes of cataracts and how to correct them. When an eye doctor encounters an eye condition that they are not confident about, they need to refer their patient to the right specialist. At the least, the ophthalmologist should get a second opinion – and soon – before moving on with a diagnosis.

LASIK Surgery Errors

An eye condition misdiagnosis case can become more complicated if it involves a LASIK surgery error. An ophthalmologist might prescribe LASIK surgery to correct an issue that is not there or that cannot be corrected with this treatment method.

As a result, the surgery can cause further or worsened injuries, and the surgical team performing the LASIK could also become implicated in the case for not double-checking the prescribed surgery with the diagnosis.

What Damages Are Available for an Eye Condition Misdiagnosis Case?

The worst consequence of an eye condition misdiagnosis is permanent blindness in both eyes. Due to a rare and unusual anatomical phenomenon, an injury or illness that causes blindness in one eye can “spread” to the other eye.

Eye condition patients who do not get the proper medical care could be at risk of total blindness. The damages demanded in an eye condition misdiagnosis case should be reflective of how much harm and devastation has been done.

Your claim could demand damages that relate to:

  • Medical costs, including future eyecare
  • Lost wages or lowered earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability like blindness
  • Lessened enjoyment of life
  • And more

Fighting for Brighter Days & Full Recoveries

Our New York eye condition misdiagnosis lawyers are standing by to hear from people who have suffered a worsened eye injury or blindness due to an ophthalmologist’s mistakes.

Across our 40+ years of practice, we have successfully secured a settlement, verdict, or award for 98% of our clients, a track record that is practically unheard of considering how many complex high-stakes cases we take.

Throughout your claim, we will be honest and open during communications, so you never feel like you are being overlooked or forgotten. We want to land the biggest win possible for you while also keep your worries down the entire time.

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