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Personal Injury

New York Personal Injury Attorney

With decades of legal experience, we have the in-depth legal knowledge, skills, and resources needed to help those who have been injured fight for just compensation. At Simonson Goodman Platzer PC, we pay close attention to every detail of your case and prepare thoroughly to advocate for your complete financial recovery.

Our personal injury lawyer in New York has been successful in 98% of the cases they have handled and, to date, have recovered more than $200 million for their clients. We are known for providing our clients with caring, personalized support and for never backing down in the face of even the toughest of legal challenges.

What is a Personal Injury?

Personal injury law in California encompasses legal disputes that arise when an individual suffers harm due to an accident or injury caused by someone else's negligence or intentional actions. This area of law allows injured individuals (plaintiffs) to seek compensation for their losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Common types of personal injury cases in California include:

  • Car Accidents: Cases involving injuries sustained in automobile collisions, often due to another driver's negligence.
  • Truck Accidents: Injuries resulting from collisions involving commercial trucks, often due to factors such as driver fatigue, improper loading, or vehicle maintenance issues.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Injuries that occur on someone else's property due to hazardous conditions, such as wet floors, uneven surfaces, or inadequate maintenance.
  • Medical Malpractice: Claims arising from a healthcare provider's negligence, leading to injuries or worsening of a patient's condition.
  • Product Liability: Injuries caused by defective products, such as malfunctioning machinery, unsafe consumer goods, or hazardous pharmaceuticals.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: Cases involving injuries to pedestrians hit by vehicles, often due to driver negligence or failure to yield.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Injuries sustained by cyclists due to collisions with vehicles, unsafe road conditions, or defective bicycle components.
  • Premises Liability: Injuries occurring on someone else's property due to inadequate security, dangerous conditions, or lack of warning signs.
  • Construction Accidents: Injuries suffered by construction workers due to unsafe working conditions, equipment failures, or employer negligence.
  • Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect: Cases involving mistreatment, neglect, or abuse of elderly residents in nursing homes or care facilities.
  • Wrongful Death: Legal actions brought by the family or heirs of an individual who died due to someone else's negligence or intentional actions.

In California, personal injury cases generally involve establishing negligence by proving four elements: duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages. Plaintiffs must demonstrate that the defendant had a legal duty to act reasonably, failed to fulfill that duty, and as a result, caused the plaintiff's injuries or damages.

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Understanding Your Rights after an Accident or Injury

Each year, thousands of people are injured or otherwise harmed as a result of entirely preventable accidents. These accidents can involve dog bites, slips and falls, car accidents, unsafe conditions in a building or on the street, or any accident in which someone else’s actions or negligence contributed to the conditions that led to the injury.

If you or a family member has been involved in an accident or was injured due to someone else’s negligence, you could be entitled to collect damages.

  • $87 Million Work Accident Verdict

    The firm won $87 million in the Bronx County Supreme Court for a laborer who was left paralyzed as a result of a work accident in March 2004.

  • $4.6 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement
  • $2.2 million Medical Malpractice Case

    $2,200,000 recovery for a gastric bypass patient for the failure of her health care providers to timely diagnose and treat post-operative complications.

  • $3.5 Million Lead Paint Poisoning
  • $5.4 Million Personal Injury Settlement

    Miguel Ortiz, a 45-year-old husband, and father of two had worked for the New York City sanitation department for many years. He knew his people and his trucks inside and out.

Let Us Fight For the Damages You Deserve

Damages in a personal injury case vary depending on the unique factors involved, but they often include the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Out-of-pocket expenses associated with treatment for your injuries

When you file a claim, you file it against the individuals, businesses, and/or government entities responsible for the accident/your injuries. Typically, this involves filing a claim with the insurance company that provides the at-fault person/party with liability insurance.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Insurance Company

Many insurance companies will try to discourage you from seeking professional legal help for personal injury claims because of the potential cost to them. Furthermore, insurance companies have trained adjusters and lawyers whose jobs are to settle your case for the least amount possible. Therefore, having experienced personal injuries attorneys aggressively pursuing your case is very important.

Here are several reasons why one might approach them with caution:

  • Profit Motive: Insurance companies are profit-driven businesses. Their primary goal is to minimize payouts to maximize their profits. This means they might try to settle for less than what your claim is worth.
  • Claims Denial or Delay: Insurers may deny valid claims or intentionally delay the claims process, hoping that claimants will give up or settle for a lower amount out of frustration or desperation.
  • Lowball Offers: Insurance companies might make initial settlement offers that are significantly lower than what the claim is worth. They aim to resolve claims quickly and cheaply, often at the expense of the claimant's rightful compensation.
  • Policy Interpretation: Insurance policies are complex legal documents. Companies may interpret policy clauses in ways that limit or deny coverage, leaving the claimant without the expected financial support.
  • Surveillance and Investigation: Insurers often conduct investigations and surveillance on claimants. They may use this information to dispute the severity of injuries or the circumstances of the accident, potentially undermining your claim.
  • Legal Tactics: Insurance companies have teams of skilled lawyers and adjusters who are experienced in handling claims. They might use legal tactics or pressure to manipulate claimants into settling for less than they deserve.
  • Unfair Negotiation: There can be an imbalance of power during negotiations. Insurers, with their experience and resources, might intimidate claimants or use their knowledge to gain an upper hand in negotiations.
  • Conflict of Interest: Insurance companies represent their own interests and the interests of their shareholders. Their priorities may conflict with the interests of the claimant, leading to disputes over compensation.
  • Complex Processes: Dealing with insurance claims can be a complex and overwhelming process, especially for someone unfamiliar with legal and insurance procedures. This complexity can be exploited by the insurer to their advantage.
  • Pressure to Settle: Insurers might pressure claimants to accept a settlement quickly, before the full extent of injuries is known. Once a settlement is accepted, the claimant usually forfeits the right to pursue further compensation.

The New York personal injury lawyers at Simonson Goodman Platzer PC have been representing victims of personal injury accidents for decades. Our attorneys can help you build a strong case and work to secure the maximum possible recovery, whether through a settlement agreement or litigation.

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    "Accommodating and Professional"
    The attorneys were kind, accommodating and professional. I couldn’t be happier with the settlement they achieved for me.
    Inbar V.
    "Totally Changed My Life"
    They have done an amazing job to win my case without even going to the court.
    Sezgin T.
    "Highly Recommend"
    Highly recommend!! I had the pleasure of working with Paul Simonson during the worst time of my life. He is knowledgeable, professional & he truly cares. When other attorneys turned down my case Mr. Simonson got results! I will be forever grateful.
    Dawn M.
    "I would highly recommend this firm."
    I would highly recommend this firm. Ted knows the law and did a great job.
    "I Felt Comfortable and Supported"
    They were honest and clear about the process of bringing a lawsuit forward and managed my expectations.
    Nate G.
    "I Highly Recommend This Law Firm"
    Thank you, Mr. Goodman and Mr. Simonson very much for looking out for me and always having my best interest at heart!
    Naresh T.
    "The gratitude I feel towards them is immeasurable."
    Based on my experience with this firm, their name should be empathy, compassion and brilliance. Their kindness and attention to detail was second to none. I truly cannot say enough good things about Paul, Ted and this firm. The gratitude I feel towards them is immeasurable.
    Nic R.
    "There are no amount of words that can show how grateful I am for all they have done."
    Ted Goodman was amazing in the courtroom and eloquently argued my case. If I could give them 10 stars I would, they truly changed my life. There are no amount of words that can show how grateful I am for all they have done.
    Ashley W.

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