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Construction Accidents

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Each year in New York hundreds of people are injured or killed at construction sites. If you or a family member has been hurt while working at a New York City construction site and someone other than your employer was to blame, you could be entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost income, diminished earning capacity and pain and suffering.

Or, if you are a non-employee who was injured due to someone else’s negligence while visiting a New York construction site, you could also be entitled to receive compensation for your construction accident injury and suffering.

Common types of construction site accidents in New York include falls, ladder and scaffolding accidents, electrocution, fires and explosions, dangerous equipment accidents, structure failure or collapse, operating equipment accidents, trench collapses, falling objects, elevator accidents, and exposure to toxins.

New York Scaffold Law

It is rare when a law works so well to serve the interests of working men and women rather than big corporations. In the case of the New York Scaffold Law, the blame is put squarely where it belongs--on owners and general contractors whose work sites often pose extreme hazards from above to the workers who show up every day.

The New York Scaffold Law is a classic worker protection law; in this case, it is designed to protect workers engaged in construction work involving height-related dangers. The law wisely mandates the use of proper and adequate protective equipment and requires that the responsibility for the provision and use of the equipment be borne, not by the site workers, but by the owner and general contractor. New York’s Highest Court, The Court of Appeals, has said that the purpose of the law “is to compel contractors and owners to comply…” with its provisions, with the ultimate goal being a safe workplace.

In looking to the law, an important question is whether the worker, engaging in his duties, was exposed to dangers posed by gravity, such as being struck by a falling object or falling from a height. It is absolutely mandated that in the usual setting of work involving erection or demolition, the owner or general contractor provide proper and adequate scaffolding, hoists, or ladders. If the owner/contractor violated the law, and in so doing, was a substantial factor in causing the worker’s injuries, the worker may recover money damages.

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