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Choosing the Right Surgeon

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When choosing the right surgeon it's essential that you take some time to do your research, as it can be beneficial to the preparation of your medical procedure. There are many resources patients can use to help them better find the right surgeon for their operation.

Your Insurance Company

Giving your insurance company a call or sending a quick email is a great way to find potential surgeons. This is a great resource because they will be able to give a list of suitable matches that are in-network and accepted by your policy.

American Board of Medical Specialties

When looking for a qualified medical specialist, take a moment to look on the medical board's website for a list of recommended certified professionals. Many states will include a record of the doctor's licensure information and any disciplinary actions that have taken place. If a surgeon has had a problem that resulted in disciplinary action, they should be taken off your list.

Support Groups

Another excellent resource for patients needing a surgeon is a support group. Even though it's easy for patients to feel alone during this difficult time, it always helps to remember others are facing the same challenges. Patients should check online or ask the staff at their local medical centers if they know of any support groups they could join in the area. Those who require more complicated surgeries may not have this option since they may have to travel to undergo the procedure.

Family and Friends

Utilizing the people close to you can also be a great resource. They can give you names of qualified doctors or share information they may know about how to find the one for you.

Contact an Attorney

Regardless of how prepared you are, surgical errors are liable to happen. Anyone suffering from injuries caused by a medical professional's negligence should seek a skilled attorney's help immediately. Here at Simonson Goodman Platzer PC, we are dedicated to giving clients the legal counsel they need to get the justice they deserve. With years of experience under our belt, we have what it takes to see your case succeed. We want to help!

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