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How Common Are Emergency Room Errors?

Hospital Emergency Room Pavilion

In sudden situations where people suffer injuries or severe illnesses, they rely on emergency rooms to provide them with treatment. Emergency rooms are there to help with numerous situations, but that often means it can quickly turn into mayhem. The chaos and rush can lead to mistakes occurring during triage or treatment.

In fact, out of about 62,000 ER visits, more than 1,000 resulted in errors.

Emergency room errors come in many forms, including misdiagnosis, failure to request correct testing, and delayed treatment. It’s vital to recognize your rights if you experience an emergency room error that leads to further damage. Below, we will discuss some of the more common emergency room errors, how often they happen, and what you can do to safeguard your rights.

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Common Emergency Room Errors

Emergency rooms and operating rooms have proven to be two of the most dangerous departments in a hospital. Recognizing some of the most common emergency room errors and how they happen can help keep you safe. The most common emergency room errors include:

  • Misdiagnosis: Every year, roughly 40,000 to 80,000 deaths occur because of misdiagnosis, and more than 12 million Americans experience a diagnostic error. About 71% of diagnostic errors occur in ambulatory environments, such as the emergency room. In many situations, it’s the chaotic environment that leads to misdiagnosis.
  • Improper Procedure: Misdiagnosis in the emergency room can lead to mistakes occurring during a procedure. It can be a minor situation, but in some cases, the patient can sustain major injuries because of the improper performance of a procedure.
  • Delayed Treatment: Everyone recognizes the long wait associated with emergency rooms. Unfortunately, if some patients don’t receive care in time, it can cause their condition to get worse. The longer the stay, the higher the risk of severe damage.
  • Prescription Errors: Many residents in emergency rooms write prescriptions to treat their patients’ conditions. Some studies show that emergency medicine residents write the highest percentage of prescriptions at 46.7%. Of those, they have an error rate of around 9%. Prescription errors can lead to severe injuries or death.
  • Improper Discharge: Before a doctor discharges a patient from the emergency room, they must ensure they have taken all steps to properly diagnose and treat an ailment or injury. Improperly discharging a patient can lead to conditions or injuries worsening and becoming life-altering.

Your Rights After an Emergency Room Error

When a doctor makes a mistake, you deserve the right to hold them accountable. The medical error can lead to further medical bills, lost income, and more. You can work with a lawyer to build a case based on your needs and best interests. With the right legal team, you can pursue the maximum compensation available to you.

We can help you understand who is negligent and how to file a medical malpractice claim. Our team is ready to help you every step of the way.

At Simonson Goodman Platzer PC, we care about protecting our clients’ rights following negligence. We are well aware of the long-term problems that can arise. When large corporations or insurance companies try to challenge your claims, we will work to safeguard you and build a strong case on your behalf because we care about getting you results.

Our New York medical malpractice attorneys care about you. We’re ready to stand in your corner and go the extra mile to give you confidence moving forward. Trust us when you need it most.

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