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Parents Beware: X-Rays and CT Scans Can be Harmful to the Health of Your Baby

The New York Times reveals some alarming facts about the use of radiation scans in U.S. hospitals.

While serious injuries and illnesses caused by X Rays are relatively infrequent, the risks of overexposure to radiation increases exponentially when the patient is a tiny infant.

The article does a very good job of alerting parents to the dangers their infants face at the hands of poorly-trained technologists who set radiation levels on powerful CT scanners too high, then pay little, or no attention, to the proper positioning of lead shields designed to limit radiation exposure to only those areas of the body being examined.

A machine designed to deliver high-powered beams of radiation to specific parts of a patient’s body requires years of education, experience, and skill to operate properly.

But the fact is, technologists in many states are lightly regulated, which results in lax oversight and standards regardless of what hospitals they work in.